Levin: 'When Liberal Candidates Screw Our Military,' Media 'Don't Give A Damn'

David James
By David James | October 16, 2012 | 11:24 AM EDT

Last night, radio host Mark Levin said, "When liberal candidates screw our military, it's perfectly fine" with the media since they "don't give a damn."

Levin was discussing a recently filed Federal lawsuit by Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Wisconsin to "extend the amount of time military and overseas absentee ballots can be returned":

"The Daily Caller - Caroline May. 'Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney- his campaign has filed a Federal lawsuit in Wisconsin to extend the amount of time military and overseas absentee ballots can be returned.'

"'The Federal suit came on the heels of a campaign request to the state's government accountability board to extend the deadline after at least 30 Wisconsin municipalities failed to send overseas ballots 45 days before the election, which is required under Federal law, called the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter Act. The campaign proceeded with the suit against the Government Accountability Board after their initial request was denied.

"Can you believe what the hell is going on here? Everywhere you look it's corrupt.

"'Because members of the military are often stationed at remote, dangerous, frontline locations, there's a substantial likelihood that the defendant's violations of law will prevent military voters from receiving, completing, and returning their ballots in time to have them counted', said the Romney campaign lawsuit.

"'The defendant's unlawful conduct, therefore, may effectively disenfranchise the very men and women who make daily sacrifices to protect our system of democratic government.'

"Oh you don't understand: If they got free cell phones, then we'd make absolutely sure they could vote even with voter IDs - without them, I should say. Come one, come all - go ahead and vote.

"Now, from the frontlines in Afghanistan or some other hellhole somewhere in the world - what's the hurry? The Government Accountability Board, some Soviet style institution there in Wisconsin - they're not much worried about it. 'You can't get your ballot; you can't get your vote in on time - what the hell.'

"It's the Romney campaign that's trying to protect the franchise of the people in the military. It's the Obama campaign and the Obama government that has failed to enforce Federal law to ensure that those folks can vote.

"Is this on the network news tonight? No, because they don't give a damn. Busy looking at the polls. Unbelievable. A candidate has to sue.

"It's disgusting because, if this were done based on religion, or sex, or race, there would be a national outcry. But apparently, when liberal candidates screw our military, it's perfectly fine, and it's funny how it's happening every damn election cycle."

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