Levin: 'What The Hell Are We Doing In Afghanistan?'

David James
By David James | October 2, 2012 | 10:30 AM EDT

On his nationally syndicated radio show on Monday, Oct. 1, Mark Levin asked: "What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan?"

Here is the transcript:

“What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan? Over 2,000 now--over 2,000 American soldiers killed there. Some of them shot in the back by the people we’re trying to help. Obama puts a time frame on when we’re leaving.

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“What is our mission? What is our mission now in Afghanistan? If we’re not gonna blow the enemy to kingdom come, what are we doing there? Somebody’s son and daughter is getting murdered over there, or husband and wife, or father and mother, and for what? And I’m a hawk; believe me when I tell you this.

“What the hell are we doing there? We pass what’s considered this magic number of 2,000. Well let me tell you something--if your kid was number 1,741, that’s the magic number.

“And so we hit this 2,000--over 2,000. Our guys are getting murdered, and where’s Obama? Does he say a damn thing? Three minutes on a speech--anything? Nothing. Nothing. Not a word. And where are the media documentaries and specials on this? ‘Mission: Afghanistan;’ I can see it now.

“And what is the mission, and what are we doing? Where are the networks? Nowhere. Nowhere. They’re pathetic. They’re sickening, as a matter of fact.  Maybe Univision will go over there and help us out.

“And that’s blood on their hands, too--this administration. It is disgraceful, it is unconscionable to fight a war this way, where our guys can’t fight back and they’re sitting ducks. It’s disgusting.”

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