Levin Thanks Obama For Air, Water, Lightbulbs - And Health Care

David James
By David James | June 29, 2012 | 3:43 PM EDT

Last night, radio host Mark Levin sarcastically thanked Pres. Obama for Obamacare, clean air, clean water, and new lightbulbs.

“Alright, you know what, I can’t stand this anymore. I can’t stand the bull**** anymore. Thank you Mr. President, I wouldn’t have a doctor but for you. I wouldn’t have surgery if I needed it but for you. My kids wouldn’t have coverage if it wasn’t for you. And the student loans - thank you for that too. Our food stamps- thank you Mr. President. Our heating subsidies - well, it’s summer; our air conditioning subsidies-  thank you, Mr. President.

“And clean water - Mr. Producer, clean water coming out of the faucet! Thank you, Mr. President. And clean air when I go outside, I can breathe. Thank you Mr. President.

“Air, water, new lightbulbs, my doctor, the hospital, any surgery, any medicines; thank you for Obamacare, thank you for the student loan program, thank for the EPA.

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