Levin: Scalia Understands Obama's 'Catch Me If You Can' Immigration Game

David James
By David James | June 26, 2012 | 10:18 AM EDT

Last night, radio host Mark Levin said that Obama is playing a game of “catch me if you can.”

Levin was discussing yesterday’s Arizona v. United States Supreme Court ruling and Pres. Obama’s recent executive order to suspend deportation of illegal immigrants under 30 years of age:

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“The core argument that the administration made was that there had to be one rule, an enforcement policy when it comes to immigration. And, while it argued that in front of the Supreme Court a week and a half ago the president of the United States issued his fiat. One rule? What happened to the one rule? What happened to the consistency? What happened to Congressional preemption?

“Here’s what [Justice] Scalia understands. Here’s what he understands. Obama is playing a game of ‘catch me if you can.’

"The Supreme Court hadn’t even ruled on the Arizona law yet. But it’s a process, a gradual process. They have their arguments. They have their this, they have their that. They have their process. They write their opinions. They have to be printed, they have to be issued.

“But Obama knows, that while he’s sitting there waiting for these decisions, he can take unilateral action. Because the court has already ruled even though it hasn’t issued its ruling. Congress can’t do a damn thing because the Democrats control the Senate, and we have weasels running the house.

"So who’s gonna catch him? Nobody. Catch me if you can.”

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