Levin: For Modern-Day Democrats, Tax, Spending, And Debt Increases Are Their Religion

David James
By David James | July 26, 2012 | 11:16 AM EDT

Last night, radio host Mark Levin said tax increases, spending increases, and debt increases are the “religion” of the Democrat Party.

Discussing yesterday’s 51-48 Senate vote to increase taxes on those earning above $250,000, Levin unleashed on a scathing criticism of Democrat Congress members:

“Tax increases, spending increases, debt increases, for the Democrat Party today- the modern Democrat Party- this is their religion.

“There is nothing we can say, nothing we can say. There’s no amount of evidence, there’s no amount of economic history or reality that will dissuade them.

“This was a very, very important vote today. Because now they’re on record- every single Democrat, but two of who are retiring. Every single Democrat in the Senate voted for a massive increase on small business. Just a week or ten days after their great president announced his own war on successful people.

“What do you think they say behind closed doors when we’re not around? About those of us who actually work, and make a living, and pay taxes. What do you think they say about us? You think they laugh at us? You think they think we’re a bunch of punks? I think they do.

“And who are these people? What makes them so smart? What makes them so competent? Nothing. Nothing. They’ve managed to claw their way to the top of the political ladder, and somehow they think that makes them the wise men and women of the world- of all time.

“I’ve never seen so many incompetent, stupid, political hacks in my life in such powerful positions, imposing the most outrageous policies on we, a free people.

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