Glenn Beck: President Shouldn't Be Impeached - He Should Go to Jail

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | June 20, 2013 | 10:32 AM EDT

President Obama shouldn't be impeached, he should go to jail for the administration's civil rights violations, pundit Glenn Beck told MRCTV at a Tea Party Patriots rally on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

From the IRS targeting conservatives to the NSA snooping, "They're all civil rights issues," Beck said.

Beck said the administration has violated just about every amendment to the Constitution:

"These people are taking and working vengeance.  Vengeance belongs to God. We have to talk about the civil rights that are guaranteed in our Constitution.  Each one of them - you pick an amendment, they violated it. Pick an amendment."

Asked about the prospect of impeachment, Beck applauded those congressmen who have pursued investigation of the administration's scandals - but, he said impeachment isn't enough:

"If they can take it to impeachment, I personally think there's a lot of people - on both sides of the isle - that shouldn't be impeached, that should go to jail."

Asked by MRCTV if the president is one of those people, Beck replied, "Yeah."

Beck was skeptical that Congress would take any action, though he said the time to address these violations is now, not after even more rights are usurped:

"The only way you stop tyranny from really if you're vigilant at the beginning, not at the end."

Here's the full exchange regarding the impeachment issue:

MRCTV: "Do you think we're at a point where we can seriously begin talking about impeachment, yet?  Or is that going to have to wait?"

Beck: "I don't think you're going to..I don't think this government with the progressives in the Republican Party have sold themselves to the highest bidder, long ago.  I don't think you have...I don't think you have a very large number of serious people in that building behind me.

"We have, we know now, about 70 Republicans who are willing to stand up and put their job, their life, their fortune and their sacred honor on the table.  Let's worry about the 70 people who are standing up and try to grow that number.  Let's try to protect the people that we sent there and said, 'Risk, stand up, buck your own party if you have to - just don't violate your principles.'

"Let's stand up and watch their backs and keep them safe while they do what they have to.  If they can take it to impeachment...I personally think that there  are a lot of people on both sides of the isle that shouldn't be impeached, that should go to jail."

MRCTV: "Is the president one of those people?"

Beck: "Yeah."

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