Giant Tax-Funded Penis Returns to San Francisco

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | April 24, 2013 | 1:25 PM EDT

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has decided to bring a six-foot tall penis costume known as "Healthy Penis" out of retirement.

The large penis costumes--which come in three different hues representing different races--will return after a four year hiatus to appear in various parades and events throughout the city.

Tax-Funded 'Health Penis' cartoon

Healthy Penis will also hand out penis-shaped stress toys.

The giant, smiling penis made its debut in 2002 as a way to remind gay men to get tested for STDs.

The Healthy Penis costume is an extension of a broader Healthy Penis campaign by the San Francisco Department of Health.

The Healthy Penis Website includes colorful comic strips, in which all the characters are talking penises.

The main penis characters travel around San Francisco in their "Penismobile," singing Katy Perry tunes and reminding other penises to get tested for syphilis and other STD's.

No talking vaginas make an appearance in the comic strip.

Some of the comic strip penises are clad in leather caps and suspenders and engage in other activities which strongly imply that all of these particular, animated penises are homosexuals.

Visitors to the website are also encouraged to "connect with each penis" by clicking on one of the penis' ("Clark") Facebook page.

Susan Phillips, director of STD prevention and control services for the San Francisco health department told a huge walking penis is a "Light hearted fun way to talk about an important health issue."

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