Cuomo Goes Hunting For Straw Men

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | January 16, 2013 | 5:37 PM EST

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo joined the chorus of those who attempting to demagogue the tragedy in Newtown CT, to push their agenda for new gun control legislation.

One of the Left's favorite tactics when it comes to making their anti-gun arguments is to pretend that the only fathomable reason that anyone could possibly need a gun is to hunt.

That's exactly what Gov. Cuomo did in his State of the State address last week.

Governor Cuomo is exactly right.  "No one hunts with an assault rifle."

But, who ever claimed that anyone did?

As is standard practice on the Left these days, Cuomo is setting up a straw man in order to delegitimize pro second amendment arguments before they can be made.

You see, when Cuomo says "no one hunts with an assault rifle," he's tricking people into thinking that the people who oppose harsh new gun control laws are actually arguing that they NEED that type of weapon for hunting.  But no one is saying that.

He also claimed that "No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer."

This may be true.  You only need one bullet to actually "kill" the deer.  You also need only one bullet to "kill" a criminal who breaks into your home.

It's the number of times that you might miss him that makes a higher capacity magazine beneficial.

Cuomo's anti-gun rant assumed that they only reason that any rational person could want or need a gun is so that they can kill wildlife.  He never mentions the crazy idea that someone might want a weapon to protect their family.  Bringing that up would destroy his argument.

Not everyone hunts.  But everyone wants to be able to protect their family to the best of their ability.  No one hunts with a handgun, either.  By Cuomo's logic, we don't need them!

Expect more Cuomo-style hyperventilating from liberals over the next few weeks.

You should also expect them to try and confuse Americans further on the gun issue, the way Cuomo did, in his speech.

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