The Biggest Liberal Whoppers Of the Obama Era: #5

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | January 14, 2013 | 2:53 PM EST

While all politicians may be deceptive, liberals are forced to be more so because, if Americans actually knew what were trying to do, they would never put up with it. They can be exceptionally gifted at the art of obfuscation and the construction of straw-men

Particularly, the "straw-man" argument.  That's when a liberal stakes out one side of an argument and then invents a false argument and attributes it to those who disagree with him.

For example, if a liberal politician announced a plan to hire 10,000 new firemen, there's a good chance he would label anyone who opposed the idea as being IN FAVOR of people houses burning down.

So, over the next few days, as we countdown the hours until President Obama's second inaugural, we are going to examine some of liberals' most misleading claims - so, far.

We'll look at these whoppers one a time, in chronological order starting from the beginning of Obama first term.

So here we go!

#5: Bush Policies Caused the Recession

This is a big whopper that has become a mantra for liberals during Obama's entire presidency.  To be fair, would a Republican candidate have done everything he could to pin the blame on an incumbent Democratic president had the tables been turned?  Absolutely.

But, liberals have said it so often, that their apparent obsession with continuing to blame George W. Bush for everything became a running joke within conservative circles.  When a small earthquake hit DC in the summer of 2010, conservatives joked that the tremor had probably originated on "Bush's Fault."  (As if geological humor even needs a political angle to be hilarious!)

The reality is that, while President Obama did enter office during hard economic times, the financial crisis and recession that followed had little to do with any policies passed by the Bush Administration. The financial crisis had several major factors behind it, most of them incredibly complex.  Talking about the actual causes of the meltdown is about as interesting as the keynote speech at a Tupperware convention, so I won't rehash them here.

Yet, listening to liberals you would think that, somehow, tax cuts passed seven years prior and the decision to go into Iraq had caused the entire thing. As if, right before his capture, Saddam Hussein had called Fannie Mae and told them to start buying up bad mortgages.

Despite the fact that the Bush Administration warned Congress repeatedly about this and the overheated housing market several times and made attempts to overhaul Fannie Mae, the warnings were laughed off by congressional Democrats, Then, Bush took the brunt of the blame for the crisis.

Stop by tomorrow when I discuss how Obama turned his campaign of "hope" into a presidency in which his legislative strategy has often been to make Americans soil themselves in fear.

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