The Biggest Liberal Whoppers Of The Obama Era: #4

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | January 15, 2013 | 3:38 PM EST

#4: Pass the Stimulus or Country Might Never Recover Because the GOP Wants to Do Nothing.

Liberals are determined to spend as much money as they can as quickly as humanly possible. Shockingly, not everyone is convinced that throwing a trillion dollars into absurd pet projects was the right way to go about creating jobs.

Liberals decided that the best way to sell the stimulus bill to the American people was to throw everyone a curve ball and scare the pants off of them. So, they told the country that if this stimulus bill didn't pass and we didn't conduct a study on how yoga affects menopausal women the economy would NEVER EVER recover!  EVER!

The truth is that recessions are largely cyclical and thanks to actions--mostly implemented in the waning days of the Bush Administration--most of the banks survived the financial crisis.

What most people don't know is that the recession had technically ended before the vast majority of the stimulus money had even entered into the economy. The official end of the recession was in June of 2009.  At that point, less than a quarter of the appropriated funds had been spent.

Liberals also created one of his first--of many--straw men to attack those who opposed the stimulus bill.

To them, those who opposed his plan to build turtle tunnels and study the altitude of the clouds on the planet Neptune, were in favor of "doing nothing."

So they framed the argument as a choice between this plan and just sitting around with 10% unemployment and hoping things would improve.  Of course, their opposition had plenty of ideas, but none of them were even considered.

They wanted us to think that if you were against this plan, you simply enjoyed losing your home and business and being chronically unemployed.  Ironically, the stimulus extended all kinds of different welfare benefits for extended periods of time.

Tomorrow, we'll look at one of the big deceptions used to sell Obamacare.

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