Woman Tries To Buy Frozen Armadillo, Gets Assaulted With It

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | October 22, 2011 | 2:51 PM EDT

Could this be another violent crime committed by an illegal alien? And, didn't this woman know that eating armadillo can cause leprosy?

Authorities in Dallas report that a woman trying to buy a frozen armadillo ended up assaulted with it when she got into an altercation with her vendor during their rendezvous in a parking lot. She sustained bruises to her leg and chest, and police are now on the lookout for the unidentified male suspect wielding an armadillo.

Reportedly, the woman was in the market for a frozen armadillo because she wanted to eat it.

Which raises the question: who tries to buy frozen armadillo from a guy in a parking lot? Or, more importantly, who tries to sell it there?

Could this be the work of an illegal alien? Think about it:

-          It happened in Texas, where they have a plethora of illegal aliens trying to earn a living.

-          Armadillo is  south-of-the-border treat that’s considered a delicacy in Mexico

-          The vendor was operating out of a parking lot (so, he probably couldn’t legally qualify for a business license)

In any case, the woman may have been lucky that her deal fell through, since research shows that eating armadillo cam cause leprosy.

Still, if you’re feeling really hungry, really brave, or just really curious, you can find recipes for armadillo here.

They say it’s delicious. They’d better be right. Bon appetite.

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