Reebok Takes Run at Trump, Posts List of When Woman May Not be Complimented

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | July 17, 2017 | 11:35 AM EDT

Reebok CrossFit Games

Athletic shoe maker Reebok is taking a run at President Donald Trump with its bid to promote politically-correct speech etiquette, posting a list of times it’s wrong to compliment a woman.

Liberal media fretted over a compliment Trump gave to France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macaron, last week when he told the 64 year-old woman, “You’re in such good shape” – suggesting it was inappropriate.

Reebok, declaring itself the arbiter of compliments to women, took the opportunity to post a list of instances in which people (men?) can and can’t compliment women for being physically fit.

According to Reebok’s chart, you may not give the compliment to a woman:

  • In a gym,
  • In an elevator,
  • In line waiting to order coffee,
  • If she’s your mother-in-law,
  • You’re talking to a head of state’s spouse

In fact, the only time it is appropriate to utter the words “You’re in such good shape,” according to Reebok’s chart, is when you come across a mint-condition action figure you’ve had for a long time.

Social media users who don’t acknowledge Reebok’s authority on social decorum, like actor James Woods, took to Twitter to mock the shoe company for hypocrisy, given the way Reebok exploits fit women’s bodies in its advertising.