First Lady Touts Exploding Solar Car, Bribing Students With Pizza

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | June 18, 2012 | 1:18 PM EDT

First Lady Michelle Obama touted an exploding solar car and rewarding good grades with pizza during her commencement speech at Oregon State University this past weekend.

The First Lady told the story of a Chemical Engineering student who “spent two years painstakingly building a solar car”:

“And then there’s another member of the class of 2012, Nicolas Sitts, who’s earning his degree in Chemical Engineering. I understand that as a member of OSU’s Solar Vehicle Team, Nicolas spent two years painstakingly building a solar car.”

Unfortunately, the student’s dream of sun-powered transportation didn’t catch on fire as fast as his solar car did, she explains:

“But when he took it out for a test drive last summer, it caught fire and exploded, and Nicolas sustained second and third degree burns on his arm, face and leg.”

And, just as the government continues to throw good money after bad wasting billions in solar “investments,” the student isn’t giving up either.

“But instead of throwing in the towel, within a month, the team was back at work, building another, hopefully less explosive car,” the First Lady said:

“Vanessa and Nicolas and the OSU Solar Team didn’t give up when things got hard. Instead, they just dug deeper, and worked harder, and refused to give up on the success that they dreamed of.”

Remember when rocker Neil Young’s LincVolt electric car caught fire in his garage, causing more than a million dollars of damage? Wonder what he’s driving these days?

In another ironic insight, the First Lady – the spokeswoman of her very own healthy-eating, anti-obesity campaign – fondly reminisced about how, as a youngster, getting good grades would be rewarded with pizza:

“We enjoyed the simple pleasures in life, like getting our report cards because good grades meant pizza for dinner -- that was a highlight.”

So, the lure of pizza can motivate students – but, liberals want to outlaw pizza in school lunchrooms. Which begs the obvious question: Is it better to be thin or smart?

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