Coulter: Cain’s A Victim Of Dems’ ‘Regime Of Segregation’ – But, Obama’s Cashing In On It

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | November 1, 2011 | 12:00 PM EDT

“Liberals take full advantage of the way Democrats in this country treated blacks for a century” – yet, they're targeting “genuine American blacks,” Ann Coulter told Sean Hannity yesterday.

Unlike Pres. Obama, Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas are “genuine American blacks” who were affected by Democrats’ history of promoting and defending segregation, Coulter contended:

“Curiously enough, as you say, it is Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain who were victims of that Democratic segregation, regime of segregation.”

"It wasn’t Barack Obama going to his fancy private school in Hawaii. He isn’t even descended from blacks who went through segregation in America and discrimination In America. He is the son of a Kenyan.”

Nonetheless, she says, liberals allow Obama to claim victim status, but don’t object to the mistreatment of Cain and Thomas:

“So, Obama gets to take full advantage of this regime, and it is turned and used against the genuine America blacks like Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas.”

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