Bozell: 'NPR Is Out Of Control,' Using Tax Dollars To Support 'Violent and Lawless Mob' Of Protesters

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | October 21, 2011 | 5:29 PM EDT

“NPR is out of control” and is inexcusably using taxpayer money to support “a sometimes violent and lawless mob” of liberal protesters, Media Research Center (MRC) Pres. Brent Bozell told Rep. John Boehner in a letter sent Thursday.

“NPR host Lisa Simeone has been acting as a spokeswoman for the radical Occupy D.C. groupOctober 201,” Bozell tells Boehner in the letter calling for an end to government funding of National Public Radio (NPR).

“NPR is out of control, using taxpayer money to lend support to a sometimes violent and lawless mob set on crippling the financial backbone of our country.”

This is not an isolated offense, but, simply “the latest in a long list of abuses by this taxpayer subsidized leftist propaganda machine,” Bozell notes, citing a Media Research Center study documenting the legacy of outrageous liberal bias at NPR and PBS.

One example in the report is NPR reporter Nina Totenberg wishing Jesse Helms would die from AIDS.

With Congress looking for places to cut spending, “NPR is a no-brainer,” Bozell concludes.

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