Bozell: Newt Won Because He Stood Up To Media; His Competitors Should Follow Suit

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | January 22, 2012 | 12:52 PM EST

Media Research Center (MRC) Pres. Brent Bozell explains how Newt Gingrich survived the media’s attempts to assassinate his character to win South Carolina – and how Gingrich’s competitors should emulate the way he stood up to media attacks.

In a statement released today, Bozell says Gingrich won the GOP’s South Carolina primary because he stood up to media attempts to attack his character (emphasis added):

"Newt Gingrich won South Carolina because he refused to succumb to assaults by the liberal media, and because conservatives are just as fed up as he is."Speaker Gingrich hit a nerve dead-on by pushing back on ABC's blatant character assassination and standing up to John King's first debate question.”

He also won, Bozell says, because Americans are fed up with, and rebelling against, these types of media assaults on conservative candidates and promotion of liberals like Pres. Obama:

“He tapped into the anger and frustration of not only South Carolina voters, but of the rest of the country. The left-wing media have tried to manipulate this campaign cycle through the systematic character assassination of every conservative in the race. The public has had it.”

“By the same token they've watched the same leftists in the so-called 'news' media cheerlead a radical community organizer to victory and are sick and tired of the free passes they continually grant to The Chosen One whom has wreaked havoc on our country.”

Other GOP candidates should copy Gingrich’s winning strategy of standing up to the liberal media, Bozell concludes:

“There are two clear takes away from South Carolina. First, it's that Newt's three competitors ought to push back against the media the same way he did this week. If they are smart, they will emulate the refreshing assertiveness that propelled Newt to victory. Second, Rush is right: the liberal media learned nothing, and will not stop. They are on a mission, and their mission to destroy these candidates continues.”

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