Are Abortions Becoming Easier For Kids To Get Than French Fries?

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | September 15, 2011 | 5:56 PM EDT

So, let me get this straight: at the same time liberals are fighting parental notification requirements for minors who want abortions, they want to require parental consent for kids to get French fries?

Today, the Associated Press reported that Michelle Obama is praising Darden Restaurants Inc. (of Olive Garden and Red Lobster fame) for pledging to change their default offerings for kids.

“No more French fries for the little ones unless an adult asks for them,” the article says.

“Among promised changes for children, a fruit or vegetable side and low-fat milk will become standard with kids' meals unless a substitution is requested,” it adds.

So, what exactly do the Food Police think is the appropriate "age of consent" for a kid to be allowed to choose a fried, salty potato treat?

Is this what we’ve come to in our society: kids aren’t mature enough to decide if they want fries - but, minors are fit to determine whether unborn children growing inside them live or die?