America's Self-Loathing Snobs Have Their Day - But, Twilight Is Coming

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | July 4, 2013 | 1:04 PM EDT

All things are cyclical. Ties get wide, ties get narrow, ties get wide again. Skirt lengths go up, skirt lengths go down. It gets hot out, it gets cold out, it gets hot again - with or without greenhouse gases.

Ebb and flow. Sunrise, sunset. You get it.

So, too, with America's political culture. We elect conservatives. We start feeling too prosperous and self-indulgent, so we elect liberals until we decide we'd rather have freedom and faith again, and then we elect more conservatives.

Self-loathing snobs are having their day in America - but, twilight is coming. It may be like winter in Iceland, when sunset is never much more than a few hours away. Or, it may be like summer there, where you have to wait 23 hours to see the sun go down. But, one way or another, the cycle continues.

And, there may even be a "rubber band" effect. So, the farther we stretch one way on the cultural/political spectrum, the farther and harder we'll snap back in the other direction. American self-respect and confidence may have hit a high in the Fifties - but, by the late Sixties, Americans were hurling into a cynical, self-loathing funk.

When will America "snap back" from its current masochistic self-loathing - which too many seem to relish and practice with glee - and return to accentuating the positive and taking pride in our country's accomplishments, founding principles, and heritage?

I don't know. But, rest assured, twilight is coming...and, with it, a new dawn.