Connie Mackey
By Connie Mackey | May 16, 2013 | 12:02 PM EDT

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of what the late Henry Hyde termed the "murder of the innocents."  All of the babies and the poor, desperate mother who died at his hands might have lived if....Planned Parenthood and the politicians who cling to them for reelection had not followed the political path of death formed by their steadfast alliance against preventive measures.

Who are the politicians in Pennsylvania that fought against clinic regulations?  Who is their Governor, and who is their Senator so-called "pro-life" Casey?  Where are the Democrats and some Republicans who fought against then Senator Rick Santorum when he brought the issue of Partial Birth Abortion before them? Where are these cowards?  They share the blame for the atrocities in Philadelphia as well as in the countless horrific abortion clinics so far undiscovered.

Finally, who is the only politician, Democrat or Republican, who three times voted against a law titled "The Born Alive Infant Protection Act" that was written to prevent the very acts which were taking place in Chicago and are now convicted acts of murder in Philadelphia?

Of course, the answer is Barack Obama and these votes occurred when he was an Illinois State Senator voting on Illinois legislation to protect the born alive. Even the most ardent pro-abortion advocates such as Senator Barbara Boxer from California voted in favor of such a law to protect innocent babies. Perhaps, if the American public and the media had paid attention to the significance of this vote against born alive innocents, the rest of the scandals and the President's disregard for his fellow Americans would never have to have been realized.

President Obama has the IRS scandal against conservatives and the Benghazi cover-up at his doorstep, and now his water carriers in the media are scandalized by the Obama Administration.  Their lap dog treatment of Obama has been rewarded with a seizure of their phone records. So, let me do what they would never do and put it out there for all. The Gosnell case also lands at the doorstep of Barak Obama and his reliable voting base, Planned Parenthood.  They fought against parent's rights, clinic regulations, Partial Birth Abortion and against every single attempt to recognize the horror of abortion for both baby and mother. This disgraceful behavior by Planned Parenthood is a scandal which will be lost in all the others, but it is perhaps the greatest scandal of all.

So many questions that needed answers years ago are finally in the minds of the public.

Now is the time to put teeth into the "born alive" bill. It is time to pull out the legislation that resulted from the exposure by Jill Stanek, former nurse at Christ Hospital in a suburb of Chicago, that babies born alive due to botched abortions were being left to die. God Bless Jill Stanek for her work.  She saw it up close and very personal. Now, with the death penalty finally facing a monster who perpetrated his acts of unmentionable death on the innocents, it is time for all of us to push for the end to abortion.

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