We Can't Trust Our Elected Officials To Do What They Say, So What Do We Do Now?

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | January 22, 2013 | 9:22 AM EST

I can tell from my correspondence that there are a lot of people in America who believe that the gun control measures President Obama is asking for are reasonable and will be effective in curbing gun violence in this nation, even though they come nowhere near addressing the root of the problem.

There are also a lot who approve his "paying their fair share" policies and applaud the tax increases on citizens earning over four hundred thousand dollars a year, even though these measures are not a drop in the bucket in attacking the ridiculous mountain of debt America has foolishly accumulated.

There are those who see his efforts at a "comprehensive immigration" policy as a humanitarian gesture, even though it will add millions to the entitlement roles and to the Democratic Party electorate.

Then there are those like me who wouldn't trust the executive, legislative or judicial branches of government as far as we could throw a fully loaded Greyhound bus.

We have been sold out by all of them and they have given us little valid reason to believe anything they say, or to trust any action they take.

Our entire federal government has turned into a corrupt, self-proliferating, defunct debating society which sits in their ivory towers and pontificates, telling America how they are going to solve our problems, are but more concerned with how they are perceived by the public on the Sunday morning news shows than doing anything meaningful.

The reason so many people are not willing to go along with any kind of gun legislation in America is not because they don't want to see the gun violence ended, it's because they know that those pushing it are the "give us an inch and we'll take a mile" kind of people and the legislation they want passed is only the first increment in the disarming of America.

If gun legislation was passed, there is no telling what would be hidden in the fine print that you would never know about until you broke a federal law you were not even aware of.

Just like the tax increases that were just passed are only the first installment of raises.

Next, they'll tell us that increasing the taxes of people making four hundred thousand dollars a year doesn't produce enough revenue and it needs to be increased to include a lower income bracket, and then another until there are increases on every productive citizen in America.

If they get their first round of gun control proposals, they'll be back and say that the first round didn't go far enough and other calibers and types of guns and ammunition need to be banned

The upshot is that we can't trust our elected officials to do what they say. They have betrayed our trust and America knows that if you grant them an ounce they will find a way to take the whole bucketful.

When I write an article like this, I usually have people ask me what we can do.

I'll be honest; I'm not sure if we haven't had our last chance for a long time to do anything about the direction Washington is taking, as the entitlement society grows exponentially by the day and will soon become the biggest voting block in the nation.

But one thing is for certain; America cannot continue to exist the way it's going. The scale will eventually tip; all the dominos will fall and I only hope America has the strength left to pick up the pieces.

Be aware; be involved.

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