The Stuff Of A True Leader

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | March 4, 2013 | 5:12 PM EST

In my humble opinion, a leader is someone who is willing to shoulder the responsibility for the welfare of those he is chosen to lead.

A leader is a selfless individual, attentive to the true needs of those he serves, his hand on the wheel, his eye on the future and his heart in the task, a rock solid purveyor of truth, defender of justice for all his charges willing to admit and correct mistakes and impervious to wrongful criticism.

A true leader rises above petulant games of political one-upsmanship and views his tenure, not as a period of pomp and power, but as a time of servitude when the protection and lasting prosperity of the people are his twenty-four hour a day obsession.

A true leader should have the wisdom to know that everybody is not always right and neither are they always wrong, that everybody has a good idea from time to time and should carefully consider both sides of any important issue before making a decision.

A leader should seek wise council taking into account experience and expertise, not political affiliation or public popularity.

A real leader does not use the public treasury to increase political power or buy voter loyalty but, realizing that it's not his but the people's hard-earned money and intended for the good of the nation, not his personal largess.

A leader protects the citizens of the nation he leads, whether at home or abroad, serving notice on our enemies that every American life is valued and protected and that swift and serious retribution will be openly or clandestinely meted out for those foolish enough to challenge our resolve.

A leader should realize that true friendship cannot be bought and that money and aid given to any foreign power could, and has been turned back on us but that proven alliances are not to be taken likely.

Part of a leader's true strength is the ability to surround himself with honest and capable people who are worthy of autonomy, establishing a chain of command with individuals who know when and what situations require the attention of those above them.

To a real leader, a promise is sacred and word given is a covenant to be abided by and depended on regardless of change or circumstances, not subject to the ebb and flow of political fortunes.

A leader always puts the welfare of the people he governs ahead of his own or the political wellbeing of the party he belongs to, he is not swayed by bated contributions or partisan pressure.

A genuine leader has to be capable of quick and decisive thought, rapidly gaining the high ground in any situation, a man of well measured action surrounded by competent and dedicated people who can implement and defend his policies.

A leader quickly deals with taint and corruption, never defends deception and never accepts mediocrity, never uses the power of his office to cover over the sins of his administration.

A real leader levels with the citizens, sometimes informing, sometimes warning, but always speaking the truth whether the news be good or bad.

A real leader actually leads from the front of the pack.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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