One Of Most Disgusting, Offensive Things I've Ever Seen, Courtesy Of Michael Moore

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | November 4, 2012 | 1:04 PM EST

I have seen some offensive things when it comes to politics and have come to expect ultra dirty tactics and "anything to win" dirty tricks with despicable people crawling through the gutters, lying, exaggerating, using hyperbole, innuendo and slight of hand to create a perception, the truth be damned.

But the most disgusting and downright sickening thing I have ever experienced when it comes to politics is a Obama ad created by Michael Moore where a very elderly old woman in a nursing home setting, informs the world that if Mitt Romney is elected "We will burn this mother f-----r down" and another who graphically says that she would punch Mitt Romney in the groin and yet another makes the threat of observing intimate relations from the afterlife once he has departed this world.

This is supposed to be humorous, but it is way past offensive and disgusting, this is beyond the pale and the limits of where any human being with an ounce of decency would venture and not just because of the cesspool language coming out of the mouth of somebody's great grandmother but because of what it represents.

It basically amounts to a threat, telling people of a free nation if they don't vote for a certain candidate there will be anarchy in the streets and their cities will be burned to the ground, and the thought of this feeble little old lady being able to burn anything down is ludicrous, but I don't think that is the intention of the ad.

What kind of voter is this nasty bluster supposed to influence? Are there really people out there who would be intimidated enough to vote against their conscience and common sense, who would give in to the threat of an old lady who probably couldn't climb two flights of stairs.

I think the implication goes way past a nursing home of octogenarians who would have to drive wheelchairs to the site of chaos; I think it is meant to imply that there is a violent army of malcontents hiding in the shadows ready to wreak havoc on America if their candidate doesn't win.

Remember the Black Panthers outside a polling place at the last election, the ones that

Eric Holder's Justice Department chose to ignore? Would the democrats really resort to the fascist tactics of the Adolph Hitlers and Joseph Stalins, the politics of fear and intimidation to win an election?

Is that what we're dealing with here? If not, some very prominent Democrats need to step forward and tell the world that they had no part and want no part in Michael Moore and George Soros' disgusting efforts.

Is this supposed to scare America? Well, I don't know how it affected anybody else, but it had the opposite effect on me. Where I come from, we don't take being threatened very well.

Do I think that president Obama had anything to do with the production of this piece of garbage? No, but I do believe it is his responsibility to distance himself from it by renouncing it and anybody who had anything to do with it.

While I have never had any particular affection for Michael Moore and the partisan tripe he produces, this piece of trash puts him wallowing around in the pig pen with the rest of the hogs.

In fact, I doubt any self respecting farmer would even allow Michael Moore in his pig pen.

Maybe he could find one in Cuba.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and for our country.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels