Obama's Reticence To Criticize Anything Islamic Is A Dangerous Weakness, Not A Diplomatic Asset

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | October 24, 2012 | 5:39 PM EDT

There are many things to fear about where we may be headed as a country. Sadly, the threat to our military might from within is among them.

I am in Appalachia this week and the people here are really worried about their jobs and their future because of Obama's determination to do away with coal burning industries. They worry with good reason.

The total chaos of Obamacare hangs over America's head like the pendulum in the Edgar Allen Poe story, a disastrous and cruel hoax that, if implemented, will stand as a monument to the everlasting shame of a president, a congress and a senate.

Disastrous because untold numbers of doctors and medical staff will leave the health care business rather than operate under the government's heavy thumb. Disastrous because it will create bloated agencies and the cost will far exceed even the most liberal estimates, a self-proliferating monolithic fiscal monster gobbling up resources and tragically lowering the quality of healthcare.

Cruel, because so many people are looking at it as the answer for delivering health care for their every need, when they need it and will find out the hard way that they have to be processed and prioritized by a bureaucrat who can deny their request or put them at the end of a long list of applicants to suffer while they wait their turn.

But one of the overriding fears I have is the all-but-certain fact that Obama would decimate the greatest fighting force the world has ever known. In my opinion, Obama neither knows nor cares about the military, a flower child at heart who thinks that an olive branch is more effective than a gun and believes in military parity among the nations.

He would undo the work that Ronald Reagan did when he inherited a military that had been criticized and ignored until it could not even mount a rescue mission to get our hostages out of Iran.

China is approaching super power status and Russia is determined to return to their glory days of military might. Iran gets closer to being a nuclear power every day, al-Qaeda is coming back into Iraq, Yemen is a hot bed of terrorist activity and the Arab Spring has removed the last vestige of civility from the Middle East.

We live in a dangerous world and our friends can be counted on one hand while our enemies are numerous, grow stronger everyday and laugh at Obama's milksop rhetoric.

Military weakness in today's world of terrorism and war is unacceptable. At the first sign of America's inability to protect itself and support its allies, our interests around the world will be in jeopardy and the homeland in grave danger.

Leadership and military might tore down the Berlin Wall, liberated Eastern Europe and decimated the Soviet Union.

The recent events in Benghazi should stand as a clear indication of Obama's naivety in understanding a dangerous situation and protecting American lives. He wouldn't even admit that the killing of four Americans was a terrorist attack until he was pinned to the wall and forced to.

Obama's reticence to criticize anything Islamic is not a diplomatic asset. It is dangerous weakness that has been and will be exploited by our most rabid enemies.

We need a stronger, not a weaker military and we need a president who realizes it.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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