Maybe, It's America's Heart That Needs CPR

Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | March 8, 2013 | 4:52 PM EST

We've all heard the story about the elderly lady who died on the floor of a California senior care facility while a qualified medical person stood callously by, refusing to administer CPR in an attempt to save her life.

The decision to let her lie there and die on the floor was prompted by fear, fear of being fired or otherwise hounded by greedy, straw grasping lawyers who see lawsuits in every exploitable situation, no matter how heartless, frivolous or inhuman they happen to be.

Has the human race in general, and the United States of America specifically, sunk to the point that government regulations and out of control lawyers have taken the place of respect for humanity, that even people who have been educated for the purpose of saving and improving life are so afraid they can watch it ebb away and not even raise a hand to save it.

Fifty-two million unborn children have already been sacrificed on the alter of "a woman's right to choose," which actually makes the woman perpetrator, judge, jury and executioner, and no "blob of flesh" semantics is going to change the fact that abortion wittingly puts an end to a human life, known in a more common term as murder.

Nobody knows what the voluminous document known as Obamacare contains, thousands of pages of new regulations, many of which are left to the interpretation and discretion of a non medical bureaucrat who can wield the clout and money of the Federal government as he or she sees fit, cronyism notwithstanding.

In my opinion, Obamacare is not about improving the health of the citizens but taking charge of an industry no one can do without, handing control over to bean counters who crunch numbers and read mortality tables and grant or deny medical care based on statistics, with the last years of a person's life becoming less likely to qualify as they dwindle.

Actually, any overhaul of the healthcare system, even this socialistic power grab, is a joke without tort reform - forcing the losing party in a lawsuit to pick up the cost for both sides - which would make a lot of ambulance chasers and opportunistic vultures think twice about filing hangnail malpractice suits, that force up the price of insurance and force doctors to move their practices out of smaller towns, leaving a healthcare shortage in many rural areas.

Whatever else is in the Obamacare legislation, I'm sure you won't find the word euthanasia, but that doesn't mean that it does not provide for it. Does not withholding medical care from a seriously ill person qualify as euthanasia? Is not allowing someone to die when it could be prevented constituting the same thing as administering some life-ending drug?

If it's legal to kill an unborn child, right up until it leaves the birth canal, isn't it permissible to let a seriously sick old person just slip over the edge?

Not if you have a conscience and unless you're willing to drift into eternity and explain to Almighty God why you felt you're capable of making better decisions than He is.

Are We The People to become nameless, faceless numerical symbols on government computer printouts, divided into color-coded groups according to age, disability and our worth to the state, allowed to die on the floor without so much as a hand to hold ?

Have God's children become less important that government and lawsuits?

Having eyes but never seeing.

Having ears but never hearing.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

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Charlie Daniels