Charlie Daniels
By Charlie Daniels | September 30, 2012 | 3:08 PM EDT

As one who cares very deeply about the kind of nation America is becoming and what kind of future we are leaving our children and grandchildren to cope with, sometimes it really starts to get to me and casts a shadow over my whole day and everything I do.

The most exasperating thing is, I get the feeling that there's nobody in control, that our beloved United States of America is adrift on a sea of uncertainty with nobody at the helm.

The presidents of my youth were men with strong authoritative personalities and whether you agreed with their policies or not they were father figures who could assure and comfort the nation in times of national stress and strain.

Roosevelt guided America through the dark days of the Second World War and instilled confidence and pride with statements like, ”The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” and America believed him, volunteered for military service, bought war bonds and worked hard in the factories that built the planes and tanks.

Harry Truman was a hardheaded Missourian who believed in calling a spade a spade and had the guts to drop the first atomic bombs on Japan immediately ending the war in the Pacific and bringing peace to a war weary America.

Dwight Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces and came home a hero to be elected president to lead and inspire the nation for two terms.

John F. Kennedy called the Soviet's bluff when they tried to put missiles 90 miles off our shores in Cuba. He stared down Nikita Khrushchev while America worried that it would end in a Russian nuclear attack. It was a tense time and President Kennedy knew it and was on television regularly keeping citizens abreast of current events and letting everybody know that he and his team had the situation in hand and were capable of dealing with it.

There was somebody in charge; somebody dealing with whatever faced the nation, somebody standing up for America and Americans.

If this nation ever needed reassuring, if it ever needed to be informed and kept up to the minute with the dangerous and ever changing world we live in, if it ever needed to be instilled with confidence it's now. But what we get most of the time is a preppy, unseasoned press secretary who doesn’t seem to know much more about what’s on the president's mind than we do.

This nation is in dire need of leadership, desperate need of an authority figure who will stand up to the world, someone who can inspire confidence and a sense of a sense of competence.

Yes, this all weighs heavy on my mind and if I would dwell on it long enough I would become despondent and unproductive.

But then, once again, I have to stop and remember who is really in charge, who my real protector is and who holds my eternal future in his capable hands, the one who knows and controls the future, and the one who never takes a day off and never forgets about me or my welfare.

I don't know what's going to happen in the Middle East or with the economy or who our next president is going to be, but one thing I do know: there is a God in Heaven, He is all-powerful and all knowing, and He loves me so much He sent His Son to suffer and die for me so that I could spend eternity with Him.

If God be for us, who can be against us?

What do you think?

Pray for our troops.

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