What A Fluke: Even CNN Agrees Young People Lack Opportunity

Celia Bigelow
By Celia Bigelow | June 14, 2012 | 5:30 PM EDT

“[T]his is the best time for employment opportunities for young college graduates since this recession started,” activist Sandra Fluke told CNN today.

Fluke’s lofty statement on CNN this morning is a complete slap in the face to recent college graduates struggling in this stagnant economy.

In fact, young people have suffered the most out of any other demographic from this economic downturn. There are no opportunities for my generation - America is in the midst of a Great Youth Depression.

The key reason is that businesses aren’t hiring. A massive amount of bureaucratic red tape has strangled business expansion and has forced business owners into survival mode. When this occurs, jobs are the first to go.

Over the past three years, over 100 new regulations have been created to the tune of $46 billion. In order to pay for this expensive bill, businesses must adjust their books and scale back accordingly - and they have.

Unemployment has been held stubbornly over 8 percent for the past 40 months. The unemployment rate increased from 8.1 percent in April to 8.2 percent in May. The Labor Department also reported today that applications for unemployment benefits have increased by 6,000 in just the past week.

Not exactly stellar numbers. Unfortunately, statistics for Millenials are far more dismal.

Youth unemployment is around 17 percent, more than double the national average and the highest it has been since World War II.  A whopping 42 percent of the 2012 graduating class will pack up and move home with mom and dad.

This doesn’t sound like freedom and opportunity, it sounds like tyranny and eternal childhood.

Millenials are currently forced to compete with the tens and thousands of unemployed American’s with more experience and seniority. This explains why additional unemployed 18-29 year olds in May increased by 114,000 since April.

If businesses are hiring, they sure aren’t hiring inexperienced youngsters.

I don't know who Sandra Fluke has been conversing with, but it is sure not with the hundreds of thousands of young American's unemployed or underemployed. Conditions have steadily gotten worse for Millenials and will continue to do so unless there is structural change in America.

So, my advice for her is this: instead of making ridiculous, slap-in-the-face statements over national news media, she needs to give herself a slap in the face for a serious reality check. My generation is miserable, and we don’t need her saying it isn’t. CNN agrees.

Editor's Note: Celia Bigelow has a bachelor's degree in Economics. Sandra Fluke has a bachelor's degree in Feminist, Gender, And Sexuality Studies.

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