RGIII Also Comes Out, Greeted by Liberal Knives

Bob Parks
By Bob Parks | May 1, 2013 | 9:08 AM EDT

In the span of two days, we're given yet another illustration of the left's selective racism. A black basketball player comes out of the gay closet and is praised for his courage. Another speaks out on the ills of political correctness and is subjected to the very racism the left lectures all of us to decry.

So what's the criteria that the left operates under? What makes one person the object of their praise and the other of their unbridled hate?

Jason Collins has received almost all of the accolades one could from an adoring left. He's appeared on Good Morning America, will be on the cover of Time Magazine, and he even got a call from the President of the United States. All this for coming out of the closet as a professional basketball player, and not a great one at that.

I am a native Bostonian, thus, a Celtics fan. It appears Jason Collins barely played one season in Boston and that's probably why I've never heard of him. He wore the number "98" on his jersey in what he says was a tribute to Matthew Shepard, the gay man murdered, not because he was gay as many activists inaccurately contend, but because he was involved in a meth deal gone bad.

Robert Griffin III was, and still is, considered a superstar in the National Football League. For some reason, his honor (as recently as last December) has always been suspect.

All Griffin III said was "In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness." He, apparently, has a problem with the possibility of the team logo being replaced because, up until recently, it was deemed racist by leftist protector-wannabes.

Is there something wrong with that, because judging from the responses he's receiving, his point is being proven.

Jason Collins deceived his ex-fiancee for eight years. RGIII has deceived no one.

Jason Collins is a mediocre basketball player, at best, and currently without a team. I can't imagine what franchise would wish to give him a valuable seat on its bench (because he definitely won't be a starter) and inherit the circus atmosphere he'll bring with him, which will have absolutely nothing to do with basketball.

Robert Griffin III is a pro-football superstar, a starting quarterback, who dared do the unthinkable: be black and anti-political correctness.

The liberal ideology demands we watch what we say and do, unless you accurately criticize those who watch what we all say and do, ESPECIALLY if you're a minority. Once that red line is crossed, you can be subject to all the insensitive insults the left claims to despise.

THIS is a teachable moment. We are witnessing a mediocre liberal being given Rosa Parks/Jackie Robinson status for a career-long deception while a man who merely spoke his mind receives a public lynching by mostly anonymous Internet cowards who'd never say these things to his face one-on-one.

The left is constantly proving one thing: political correctness is as real as their hate.

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