Bob Dutko
By Bob Dutko | November 1, 2011 | 12:51 PM EDT

Liberals won't be able to use facts to brand Herman Cain a sexual harassing pervert, as all accounts show there are none to use - so let's look at how they will use "humor" to launch a very serious branding campaign.

The Left really are masters at branding conservatives through humor. Tina Fey did more to falsely brand Sarah Palin a bimbo in the minds of millions of Americans than Katie Couric could ever hope to do.

It's nothing new. At one time, Johnny Carson, David Letterman and Saturday Night Live were relentless in making sure every American knew Dan Quayle couldn't spell potato(e) and is therefore "dumb". They made the "Quayle is dumb" jokes night after night, not for weeks or even months, but for years.

Even now, over 20 years later, most people reading this know the Quayle/potato issue I'm referring to, yet take a poll of 100 Americans and ask how many of them know Barack Obama didn't know how to spell the word "advice" in 2009 while president. Hardly any, I promise you. (He thought it had an "s" in it),

You see, that kind of information is not considered comedy material for Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, the gals on The View or Saturday Night Live, who complain that this "cerebral" president is a comedy writer’s nightmare who doesn't provide material.

Fact is, these people don't care about truth. And while they will say they just care about laughs, the truth is, they use humor and laughs to make very serious editorials and brand people in very serious ways.

They know how to brand certain Conservatives. Dumb? Bush, Palin, Bachmann and Quayle. Cruel, mean and racist? Well, that's the default for everybody else. But what to do they do with Cain? Now they've got their answer. He'll be the womanizing pervert.

I can almost see David Letterman's Top Ten List in the works. "Top Ten Things Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas and Larry Flynt Have in Common."

The Saturday Night Live skits involving Cain pinching women's rear ends will almost write themselves. Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are probably telling their writing staff "wait, wait, wait, you're talking faster than I can take notes".

The problem is that all these people know they will be promoting a lie. A thus-far unsubstantiated accusation that will smear a man with a common perception.....a branding. That's the serious side of what they do.

My guess is that most of the main stream "straight" news media will let this story go after a couple of weeks of empty evidence, leaving it to the comedy shows like Letterman, Leno, Stewart, SNL and MSNBC to keep priming the pump until Cain has been effectively Quayled, Borked, Palinized and Clarenced.

Don't underestimate the power of the Left Wing entertainment industry to brand certain people a certain way - regardless of reality.

I hope I'm proven wrong, but I have a bad feeling that verbs like Quayled, Borked and Palinized may be replaced with something that flows more easily off the tongue: Cained.

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