Gallup and Obama’s Ushering in of the New U.S.S.A.

Bob Dutko
By Bob Dutko | December 3, 2012 | 9:50 PM EST

A new Gallup poll and the official Communist Party USA are proving something liberals are unwilling to admit - that Obama and the Democrats really are ushering in a new Communist America.

The new Gallup poll from November 18-19 asked Americans if they approved or disapproved of "Socialism." A full 53% of Democrats had a favorable view of socialism. Among Republicans, the number was a staggering 23%, showing me that as the Democrats lead the way in transforming America into a Socialist nation, they are dragging many Republicans down with them.

Republicans are being infected by this ideology, no doubt, but make no mistake. This is being forged by today's Democratic Party of Barack Obama. In this same poll, when asked their views of various institutions, Democrats had a more favorable view of "federal government" than "capitalism" by a whopping 20 percentage points.

On my radio show, I have had countless liberals get furious when I use the word "socialism" in the same sentence as President Obama, but as this poll illustrates, it appears liberals are starting to warm up to the word.

Of course, this would be a great opportunity for all those liberals to apologize to us conservatives for the hammering we took when calling their policies "socialist." Maybe I'd better clear out my e-mail inbox to make room for all those "I'm sorry Bob, I guess you were right when you said we supported socialism after all" e-mails I'm, no doubt, going to receive, but I digress.

While it does appear liberals are finally accepting the truth of their socialist views, they are still unwilling to accept the word "Communism". Just as they were with the word "socialism," they are equally in denial regarding the "C" word.

The Communist Party USA recently issued a report on the 2012 presidential election with a glowing endorsement of Barack Obama and praise of his policies. These self-described Communists called Obama's win "an enormous people's victory" against "right-wing extremism." That's right. Communists are so far to the left that they actually consider someone like Mitt Romney a "right-wing extremist."

These self-described Communists went on to proclaim the core principles of the Communist Party USA, which were opposition to corporate "profiteering," "militarism" and "rolling back domestic spending."

They also declared as part of its core principles a support for "universal health care," celebrating "sexual orientation and gay marriage," expanding the power of Unions, fighting "global warming," increasing taxes on the "wealthy", "immigration reform" (aka amnesty), "reproductive rights for women" and the need for "tolerance and inclusiveness" while praising the work of "MoveOn, Planned Parenthood and the NAACP.”

Now come on, honestly. If I did not tell you I was reading from the official Communist Party USA, is there anyone with a pulse who would not have assumed this was Barack Obama and the Democratic Party?

After repeatedly trashing Republicans as racist and evil, the Communists said this about Barack Obama: "The President is the most popular politician in the country. Nobody has the political and moral authority that he has. He isn't a radical. Of the Democratic Party presidents of the 20th century, none had the deep democratic sensibilities that he possesses. It is crucial that he lead this struggle."

Let's face it. No one knows what Communism is more so than self-described, proud Communists themselves, and they see one of themselves in the White House. They also see their own plank adopted in the policies of the Democratic Party.

A few months ago, I challenged the liberals in my audience to go to the website of the Communist Party USA and print out their policy positions and platform and then do the same for the Democratic Party, superimpose them over one another, and then tell me if they are not about 95% identical. That challenge still stands today.

The problem is this. Communism doesn't present itself as an oppressive denial of individual liberties and freedoms. It presents itself as caring for the poor, loving, compassionate, tolerant and fighting for the "economic justice" of the little guy.

The truth, however, is revealed in history. Communist societies with a big, socialized and centralized government not only deny personal liberties, they leave the poor even poorer. In the old Soviet Union, how many people in the U.S.S.R were experiencing the benefits of "economic justice?”

Maybe that's why so many people are trying to get into Cuba. Oh, that's right. They're trying to get OUT of Cuba. If conservatives don't stand up and fight this liberal and socialist agenda of Obama and the Democrats, the Cubans may soon not be so thrilled about coming to the new U.S.S.A.