Good News: Pelosi's Willing To Accept The Supreme Court's Decision

Bill Hobbs
By Bill Hobbs | March 29, 2012 | 12:28 PM EDT


That's a relief. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has announced that Democrats will accept the Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare, whatever that ruling is.

The Hill quotes Pelosi:

"Democrats in the Congress have long-believed in judicial review. We respect the third branch of government and the role that they play under our Constitution, and that is a role to have the opportunity to review laws passed by Congress. This is part of our constitutional process, and we respect it."

"Long believed"???

Does Pelosi mean there was a time Democrats didn't believe in judicial review?
When was that?

Frankly, it shouldn't be news that one of the leaders of either political party announced it would accept and honor a Supreme Court ruling.

After all, Pelosi, like every other member of Congress, swore an oath "to support and defend" the Constitution - and the Constitution itself gives the Supreme Court the responsibility to consider and rule on whether laws are constitutional or not.

But, in an era when the President runs roughshod over the Constitution, perhaps Pelosi's announcement is news.

After all, Obama is making "recess" appointments when the Senate isn't in recess, using executive orders to implement policy that the Congress has not approved,  ordering religious organizations to pay for certain drugs and healthcare services that violate their religious faith (a violation of their First Amendment religious freedom rights), arrogating unto himself the power to order the execution of an American citizen without judicial due process, and ignoring both the Constitution and the War Powers Act in order to involve the United States in a war (Libya).

So, perhaps, we actually should just be glad that Nancy Pelosi at least thinks the Constitution should be followed.