Can Washington Spend One Dollar Less?

Alex Cortes
By Alex Cortes | December 13, 2012 | 2:39 PM EST

Did you know that, even after the "spending cuts" in the sequester, total government will be $1.6 trillion HIGHER ten years from now?

These aren't spending cuts as you and I think about them for our personal budgets. In the fantasy land of Washington spending cuts, they are merely cutting the amount they are going to increase spending!

To stop this insanity, we should demand that Washington do one simple thing to actually start getting our fiscal house in order: Just commit to spending ONE DOLLAR LESS next year.

Is that too much to ask for this Christmas?

Most days, we walk around with one dollar bills in our pocket. It's a pretty darn small amount of money and yet the below chart clearly shows that Washington is incapable of spending just that small amount less.

U.S. Government Spending Projections (in trillions)

It may be a tough climb, but we have a moral obligation-- on behalf of our children-- to demand Washington spend one dollar less. Continuing to steal away our children's future with colossal debt is immoral and unfair, and it about time we start righting this wrong.

So what can you do? I'd propose mailing a one dollar bill to President Obama, your two Senators, and Congressmen with this letter asking them to spend one dollar less.

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